ERSA - Stringing Workshops

We offer different workshops depending on what are you would like to learn about.  We believe we cover most aspects of stringing and customising.

  • Racket Stringing - Basic
  • Racket Stringing - Advanced
  • Racket Tuning
  • Prep and Test
  • Indoor Rackets

Once you have attended a workshop we can arrange special deals for you covering strings, accessories and tools through our course associates.  We can also help you source a good machine.

While we will give you the best learning experience over your chosen course, it won't make you an expert overnight.  To be a competent stringer takes plenty of time and practice.

It is important to note that attending a course does not qualify you as a stringer, but once you feel confident enough in your skills you should consider taking one of the exams.
Coaches please note, you will be awarded 20 CPD points by TCI for attending any of the above.

Racket Stringing - Basic
This course is the ideal introduction into racket stringing.  It is aimed at people looking to get a taste of what racket stringing involves.  Not only does it cover how to string a racket, it also includes information about the different types of string and to understand the technologies used in manufacturing rackets.

Racket Stringing - Advanced
This is for the more experienced stringer who, maybe, wants to consider becoming part of a professional team at the pro events or someone who wants to set up a stringing business.  The course will go through the various and acceptable ways of stringing a racket as well as giving you tips that the pros use to ensure the best job all the time.
You will be asked to string tough patterns and use various string types, including natural gut.

Racket Tuning
Racket tuning can be something as simple as putting on a new grip or stringing a racket to the customers requirements.  It can also be more elaborate.
Using weight will change how the racket performs, depending on where you apply it.  Before you consider applying lead tape to your racket you first need to understand weight, swing weight and balance.  When matching one or more rackets you will need a swing weight machine.

Prep and Test
Prep is done the day of and prior to your test.  It is your chance to double check your stringing before the exam and your last chance to ask any questions about areas that may concern you.
The test will contain both theory and practical sections.

Indoor Rackets
ERSA has 2 specialist tutors in the areas of Badminton and Squash.  If there is enough interest in either of these 2 areas we will gladly bring them over for the workshops.

ERSA Workshop Fees

ERSA Stringing Workshop - €120

ERSA Customising Workshop - €120