Are strings dictating how you play?

Are strings dictating how you play?


Is your choice of string complimenting or affecting your game?

Do you know enough about strings to make the right choice?

Who can advise you correctly?

These are just some of the questions you should be seeking the answers to.

You must also consider your style of play and your racket.

You as the player can answer some of these questions, a coach can help too and a professional racket technician can do the rest.

Start with your playing style.  If you understand your style of play and what strengths and weaknesses you have you will be on the right track.
You have to be honest with yourself though.  If you don't play with power or spin like Nadal, then don't say you do, it won't help.  Nadal's rackets and strings compliment his game, this setup won't help you.

If you're not sure how best to describe your game, get a coach to help.

If you are lacking power and you're honest enough to say so, then the correct string and tension will help.  
There are a lot of factors that can influence a person's decision, such as, wanting to use what your favourite player uses, incorrect advice from friends (who have probably been incorrectly advised by someone else), pride and also price.

We all love to have what the pros have but it's important to understand, they don't just pick up any racket and start playing with it.  They spend hours testing it.  Then they work with Racket Technicians, customising it to their exact requirements.  Now they try various string setups, to see what will compliment their racket and game the best.  There is a lot of work goes into getting everything right.

Every club has that one person who knows everything about rackets, strings, and equipment.  If you're lucky enough to find the person that 'actually' does know about all these things then they can be a valuable asset.  However, if they don't they will do more harm than good to you and your game.  Always seek advice from a qualified technician.

Pride!  I find this to be the factor that harms peoples games more than anything else.
Getting the wrong advice is bad enough, but choosing to use equipment even when you know it doesn't suit, is worse.
Sticking with a racket or string because you like the colour, or it's what the pros use or whatever other reason, yet knowing its wrong for you can hold your game back more than anything else.

Price is another factor that has to be considered, not only by the player but also the retailer.
Not wanting to spend money is one thing, not having the money to spend is another.  Tennis can be an expensive sport.  The more competitive you are, the more expensive it becomes.
So my advice is if you are serious about your tennis, and you can afford to, buy the correct equipment.  (It is important to note, the correct equipment doesn't always mean the most expensive).  If you can't afford to, then it is the job of the retailer or racket technician to find a suitable alternative.  This might mean a bit of customising work or offering a string from a lesser known brand (but that is still very good quality).  A little help can go a long way!

I string for players who are constantly changing their strings or tensions trying to find something in their game, yet they don't have a specific style of game.  Don't get me wrong, it is great and important to try new equipment, but know your game first.
Some of these players don't know if they are aggressive or defensive players, they just react to what their opponent is doing.
You cannot choose the correct racket or string if you don't know your game.
The most important thing now is to figure out what your strengths are and build your game around that.  Then choose a string setup to compliment this.  You will find you achieve much better results this way.

Don't let your game be dictated to by the wrong choice of strings!!