My String Inventory  

This section will go through what strings I have in my inventory and give you some information about each.  This will hopefully make it easier for you to choose the best string for you.

I have split the strings into 5 groups. 

Each group will contain information on the strings I have in this group, just click the name to go to the relevant page.  

Nylon Strings
These strings are made up of a solid core and wrapped in nylon filaments giving off a soft feel with a good level of comfort.  They are a good all round string, suitable for beginners and recreational players.

Multifilament Strings
These are performance strings made to replicate the playability of Natural Gut.  The twisted core gives the string more elasticity and flexibility.  The core is then protected by one or several coatings.  These are powerful strings with a high level of comfort and good tension retention.
These are the only strings that should be used by a player suffering from or prone to tennis elbow.

Polyamide Strings
Not all brands carry a string in this category.  These strings are made up of polyester and nylon fibres twisted together.  The benefit of these strings, is the best of both worlds, you have the control element of the poly strings and the comfort element of the nylon strings.
I use this string as a stepping stone for juniors who are transitioning out of multifilament or nylon but still may struggle with the harshness of a poly string.

Co-Poly/Poly Strings
These strings changed the game when they were first introduced.  At that stage it was just polyester and not co-poly.  Polyester strings allowed players to take very aggressive swings at the ball, without sacrificing control.  This also allowed players to generate more spin and because of this players styles also changed.
Over time the strings were found to be quite hard and the cause of a lot of elbow, shoulder and wrist problems.  To combat this the brands came up with what they now call co-poly strings.  These co-poly strings are still classed as control strings but do play softer.
One thing to note in this section is that some brands will refer to their strings as powerful.  It is important to note that these are not powerful strings, merely they are more powerful than other strings in this category.

Natural Gut Strings
These are definitely the best all round strings.  Because of its natural elasticity, it provides exceptional power, comfort and tension hold.
Up until the introduction of polyester these were the string of choice of all pro players.  After a short drop off in popularity, you will find that a large majority of pro players are now using natural gut in a hybrid with a co-poly.  This provides the best of both worlds, exceptional power and control.
The only downside to natural gut is the price, due to the long production process required.