Saif Pathan reviewed Doha Tennis Services – 4 star

18 October 2016

Recently had my sons 26in racket restrung by Rob. Excellent service but more importantly its his technical knowledge about the various strings,stringing methods and the "why" behind making a certain choice that is invaluable.
You see, I had been researching online about the recommended setup for an 8 yr old who plays tennis few times a week. With all the varying opinions, arguments and technicalities, it was all a bit too much. The only option left then was one of the big box sports store in the mall that offer stringing services - competent yes, but I assure you, none of them would be able to provide you the detailed explanation of the various aspects involved such as string type, thickness, tensions, what string to choose and why based on your age, playing frequency and even goals I.e recreational or competitive. 
All of this is especially important if you are a parent of a young tennis players. Poorly strung rackets + wrong strings could at best mean not enough power or spin and at worse the risk of chronic injury from all the shock and vibration. 
Give Rob a call and unlock the true potential out of that latest and greatest racket you've got for your kid !
You'll be glad you did.