Looking for an edge?

Looking for an Edge.

Athletes are a funny breed!  Nearly all athletes have their superstitions, the thing they must have or do before competing.  It doesn't matter how hard they've trained, without this ritual or good luck charm they feel they don't have a chance.

They are always looking for that extra edge, whether it be diet, new fitness regimes or working with mind gurus, they are willing to try whatever they think will help them win.

Tennis is the same, from the pro's right down to the competitive club player.  You hear plenty of stories about players changing coaches or buying the latest technology all in an effort to gain an edge.
As a person who has sold enough of those, latest technology rackets, over the years the one thing that still surprises me is the lack of attention that is paid to strings, both by the retailer and the customer.


As the Babolat image shows, strings and rackets are equally important for you to play at your best.  Remember it's the strings that make contact with the ball, yet stringing is probably the most overlooked area in tennis.

Maybe it's a lack of information available to players, parents and coaches, but it is something that should be considered immediately and regulary.
It can have an instant impact on your game.  What other change that you make can say the same?

In the same way players trust their coaches advice, they also need to find a stringer that they can trust.  One way to ensure you or your players will get the best advice is to look for stringers with qualifications.
These stringers, like coaches, will have to do exams to ensure they are capable of doing their jobsto the highest possible standards. They will also be required to sit annual exams to make sure they are staying up to date on the latest technologies entering the market.
This kind of knowledge can only benefit you.

Remember stringing correctly and regulary can only improve your performance.

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