Co-Poly/Poly Strings

Babolat RPM Blast (co-poly)- Gauge 125 - Colour Black

RPM Blast is described as a firm and durable co-poly which is extremely spin friendly, as demonstrated by Rafa Nadal.  It is an 8 sided string but is very slick.  This slickness allow the string to slide freely and snap back to add spin to your shot (provided your swing speed is fast enough).  Even though it is described as firm it feels surprisingly soft on impact.

Babolat RPM Blast Rough (co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Fluo Yellow

This is rough version of the very popular RPM Blast.  The original RPM is seen as a spin friendly string and the rough is described as providing Ultimate Spin!

Head Sonic Pro (co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Black and White

This string is made from a uniquely refined co-polymer with a soft molecular construction.  So while offering plenty in the way of control you will find it plays soft and can also generate a bit of power.

Kirschbaum Pro Line II (co-poly) - Gauge 120 and 125 - Colour Red and Black

Pro Line II was launched some 20 years after Kirschbaum first started making strings.  It was a big change from the hard feeling poly strings they first produced.  Pro Line II is a soft, responsive co-poly with better pocketing.  Therefore it is more forgiving on off centre hits.  Again like all Kirschbaum strings it is pre-stretched in production so it has good tension retention.

Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution (co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Blue

Following on from Pro Line II, Evolution is a string that was recommended to me by Sandra Kirschbaum.  Designed using a special technique the string is made with peaks for optimum grip to ensure excellent spin.  It is softer than Pro Line II and is 10% lighter.

Kirschbaum Flash (co-poly) - Gauge 120 and 125 - Colour Yellow or Green

Flash is a firm but comfortable co-poly which suits a player with aggressive swings.  It has good tension retention and comes in a variety of exciting colours.

Kirschbaum Pro Line Rough (co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Black 

Another in Pro Line range and made from the same process as the original Pro Line II but with a rough texture.  It is a surprisingly soft and powerful string with excellent spin potential. This is my most popular spin string.

 Kirschbaum Max Power (co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Dark Grey

This string has tested as the most powerful of the Kirschbaum co-poly range but still is easy to control.  It also has excellent tension retention due to its pre-stretching in production.

Kirschbaum XPLOSIVE Speed (co-poly) - Gauge 120 & 125 - Colour Black

As polys go and as the name suggests this is a powerful co-poly string.  It has a 5 sided profile for big spin potential.  Made with softening agents this string offers above average comfort for a poly string.  Like all Kirschbaum strings it is also pre-stretched in production.

Kirschbaum Pro Tour Control
(co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Grey

Launched at the same time as XPLOSIVE Speed,  and under the name XPLOSIVE Control, this string is firmer and as the name suggests offers more control.  For a control orientated string it is surprisingly soft. 

Luxilon Adrenaline (co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Bronze

Adrenaline is big on control.  It has a nice crisp feel and allows players take an aggressive swing at the ball.  This extra swing speed can also lead to increased spin.

Luxilon Alu Power (co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Silver

The most popular string on the ATP and WTA tours, whether as a full restring or as part of a hybrid.  It has a firm feel which allows players to swing fast and not worry about control.  The other nice features of this string are a good level of spin and surprising power.

Luxilon Alu Power Rough (co-poly) - Gauge 125 - Colour Silver

The rough version of the popular Alu Power.  As with all rough strings you would expect spin potential to be greater and this one doesn't disappoint.  It also offers impressive levels of control and power.

Luxilon Smart (co-poly) - Gauge 125 & 130 - Colour Dark Grey

The newest string to the Luxilon family and the first string of its kind.  The name 'Smart' refers to its ability to adapt to the players game, firming up on high impact shots and it softens for touch shots.  It tests well for spin, control and tension retention.  Luxilon suggest stringing between 40-48lbs for the string to perform at its best.