ERSA - About Us.

The ERSA was founded in 2001 as a partner corporation of the USRSA.  After a short period we decided to become an association instead of a corporation and separated from the USRSA.

Our mission, at ERSA, is to educate our members and consumers to better understand, service, perform with and enjoy all the technologies of strings, rackets, balls, shoes and stringing machines.
The ERSA accomplishes these goals through information technology products, ERSA Pro Stringer Magazine, workshops, certification, product testing and symposiums.

For more information on Workshops or Certification within Ireland please contact Roger Henry at 

Please note that to achieve any of the stringing qualifications you must first become a member of ERSA.  Get all the information you need on the 'Membership' page.

I would like to thank Kirschbaum strings and grips, RS Tennis and Curamach Strings/Luxilon Ireland for supplying strings for the workshops.