Multifilament  Strings

Babolat Addiction - Gauge 125 - Colour Natural   

Created from a highly innovative natural polyamide, this string offers exceptional power and comfort.  Like Natural Gut it is very responsive at higher tensions. 

Kirschbaum Touch Multifibre - Gauge 125, 130, 135.
Colour Natural

As with all Kirschbaum strings, it is pre-stretched in production, which helps with tension retention.
It is described as having a gut like performance.  Like all multifilament's it offers plenty in the way of power and is arm friendly, I do however find it is a little firmer than Kirschbaum's other multifilament, Gut Feeling.

Wilson Sensation Comfort - Gauge 130 - Colour Natural and Green.

One of the oldest multifilament's on the market and still one of the most popular.  An arm friendly string for those suffering from or prone to tennis elbow.
This is a powerful string with a high level of comfort due to its elasticity.  It also has good tension retention.

Wilson Sensation Plus - Gauge 128. - Colours Red and Black


Sensation Plus is a more durable and control orientated version of the popular Wilson Sensation due to the outer section of the string being reinforced with metallic ribbons.  Still a very arm friendly string with plenty of power.