Nylon Strings

Babolat SG Spiraltek - Gauge 125 - Colour Red/Black 

This string is made using a solid polyamide core wrapped with ultra flexible filaments.  This crisp feeling string offers a good level of comfort, power, durability and spin. 

Babolat Synthetic Gut - Gauge 130 - Colour Pink 

An all round string with a solid core, wrapped in flexible filaments.  Suitable for beginners or recreational players.  

Pacific Synthetic Gut - Gauge 130 - Colours Red or White

It has a nylon monofilament core with an outer wrap.  A string that beginners or recreational players will enjoy as it offers power, spin, comfort and durability.

Pacific Nyltec - Gauge 135 - Colour Natural

An all round synthetic string that is made of nylon multifilaments.  A powerful string with good durability. 

Kirschbaum Syn Gut Premium - Gauge 125 - Colour Black

This is a responsive synthetic string with a selected-grade synthetic gut core.  It offers superior comfort and touch. 

Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut - Gauge 130 - Colour Natural

Made of superior synthetics, this is a value string that offers good durability.