Polyamide Strings

Babolat RPM Soft - Gauge 125 - Colour Radiant Sunset  

The newest string in the Babolat range is a polyamide monofilament string which is more durable than a multifilament and more comfortable than a polyester string.  Definitely worth trying for those transitioning from multifilament to polyester.

Babolat Origin - Gauge 125 - Colour Black  

Created from a highly innovative natural polyamide, this string offers exceptional power and comfort.
Like Natural Gut it is very responsive when strung at high tensions.

Kirschbaum Touch Dura - Gauge 125 - Colour Natural

Made from a combination of poly and nylon fibres, this string offers a good combination of control, durability and comfort.
It is my recommended string for juniors transitioning from a nylon or multifilament string.  It is a good stepping stone before polyester.