As well as restringing your racket I also offer other services to keep your racket in the best possible condition.

  • Professionally enlarge your grip (half a size or a full size).
  • Racket re-gripping for right and left handers (yes there's a difference.  All rackets come gripped for right handers, this might explain why left handers can find the grip uncomfortable).
  • Replace damaged butt caps (original caps with logo can be provided but need to be ordered, so allow a few days extra for these. I have plain caps in stock.)
  • Replace damaged bumper strips (again these need to be ordered to ensure they fit your racket properly, so allow for delivery).
  • Replace individual grommets.  Fix those annoying loose grommets.

At each restring your racket frame will be cleaned and all grommets will have any dust/dirt removed to increase the life of the string.